Fantasy football championship rings are a great choice for league prizes because they're like a wearable trophy that goes everywhere you go.  Sure, some might be big & gaudy, but that never stopped NFL players from flashing their Superbowl bling!  Why should you be any different?

Fantasy football rings used to be cost prohibitive, but as their popularity has grown the prices have come down to a very reasonable level.  Now there are multiple companies offering quality rings that even leagues on a budget can easily afford.

But not all fantasy championship rings are created equal.   As I'll prove in this review, there are definitely some quality, affordable rings on the market. The product you can get for the money will blow your socks off.

But there are also many cheap, inferior rings being sold.  The last thing you want is to invest in a ring that will turn your champion's finger green!  

I researched the most popular fantasy rings and vendors on the market then compiled the best fantasy football championship rings for 2017.  Any of these rings would make a great prize for your league's champion.


Collage of funny fantasy football team name logos

After creating custom fantasy cheat sheets, the second-most enjoyable activity of the NFL preseason is naming your fantasy football team. More often than not, owners approach this decision with humor in mind, in an attempt to best each other for the funniest fantasy football team name in their league.

Creating Funny Team Names

One popular approach is to form a team name pun by combining an NFL player's name with something else, such as a related subject matter or a current event associated with that player. This method of developing a team name generally works well, but the hilarity of a name can sometimes be lost without a logo or other visual aid to complement it.

Adding Unique Logos and Original Backstories

There are scores of fantasy football websites which provide static lists of funny fantasy football names, so I have taken it upon myself to up the ante.  In this article I not only list the top 21 funniest fantasy football team names for the 2015 season, but also provide customized team logos for each team name.  And as an added bonus, I also created original parodies of each logo to round-out the team name concept.

Most of these team name concepts are appropriate for all fantasy leagues, while others are dirty, vulgar, and downright offensive.  But if they weren't so outrageous, they just wouldn't be as funny now would they?   

Share these Logos or Create your Own 

You are free to download these logos/memes, share the images on social media, and use them in your fantasy football leagues.  Need a unique logo designed for your own fantasy team? Work with the graphic designer who helped me bring these concepts to life and get a custom-designed logo for only $5!

Let's dive in!


The Adrian Beatersons

Funny Fantasy Football Logo of Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson

Amid troubling accusations of child abuse, Minnesota Vikings’ super-star running back Adrian Peterson was suspended without pay for much of the 2014 season.  All-told, the league-imposed vacation likely cost the All-Pro upwards of $4 million dollars.  For a man who is actively ‘fathering’ seven or more children from six different women, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

Strapped for cash, A.P. and his agent spent the off-season searching for ways by which to capitalize on the ordeal that left him near penniless.  Following rumors of film crew sightings at Petersons' residence, it has been confirmed that Fox is producing a new reality TV show based on life at the Peterson household, aptly titled The Adrian Beatersons

Taking a cue from popular "Scared Straight" documentaries, troubled ghetto youth are sent to the Peterson Ranch where they experience, first-hand, his archaic brand of child-rearing. Berated for transgressions and faced with the dreaded switch or spoon quandary, the delinquents learn quickly enough that it doesn’t pay to misbehave.

Many of the hoodlums return home with both physical and emotional scars, but for some there is a ray of hope.  Those who are able to correct their behavior are rewarded with a celebratory orgy hosted by Peterson, ultimately returning to the projects with a new, positive outlook on life.


Brandon Marshall in AFC Uniform

The Chicago Bears made a shocking move in early March by shipping wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets in return for nothing more than the fifth-round draft selection in the 2015 NFL Draft (which was ultimately used to draft a safety).

Poor Brandon. As if Jay Cutler wasn’t bad enough, now he’ll be trying to catch balls from Geno Smith.  Marshall's fantasy potential has definitely taken a hit, his stock plummeting when news of the trade was made public.

So how does Brandon Marshall rank among wide receiver in 2015 and where you should be draft him this season?  Let's take a closer look to answer these questions.


Percy Harvin is a bit of an NFL enigma. His career has been full of ups and then both migraine headaches and injuries bringing him back down. After his attitude became too much for the Seattle Seahawks last season, he was traded to the New York Jets. Now he’s a member of the Buffalo Bills, who are quickly becoming the most hyped team in the league.

Let's talk a walk down memory lane to gauge Harvin's potential fantasy football value in 2015.

A Respectable Start

Percy Harvin as a Minnesota Viking.

Back when he was with the Minnesota Vikings, Harvin lit up the gridiron. Harvin had nearly 1,000 combined rushing and receiving yards each season until 2012, when he began to be plagued by injuries and headaches. During the following off-season, the Vikings shipped Harvin off to Seattle, where he was only able to play in one regular season game for the Seahawks in 2013.

Seahawks fans quickly forgave him for missing the regular season when he returned the 2nd half kickoff of Super Bowl XLVIII for a touchdown en route to the Seahawks 43-8 thrashing of the Denver Broncos.  But it wasn't a sign of good things to come.  Harvin’s 2014 season started off mediocre, and after only five games Seattle traded him to the Jets, calling up suspicions that his negative attitude was to blame.


Jameis Winston Quarterback

Every fantasy football league has that one owner who drafts a rookie quarterback way too early. Rookie quarterbacks historically have it rough their first couple of years in the NFL, so why waste a pick?  Sure it may have worked-out for those owners who drafted Andrew Luck or RGIII in 2012, but weren't their rookie years anomalies?

There are two big-name quarterbacks coming out of the NFL draft in 2015, two Heisman Trophy winners at that.  Let's compare their potential fantasy value of Jameis Winston vs Marcus Mariota heading into the 2015 fantasy football season.



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