Funny fantasy football trophies

Championship trophies are a must for fantasy football leagues.  But let's be honest, only one owner in your entire fantasy league actually gets to enjoy that trophy each year.  That's not a very good return on investment.

The great thing about loser trophies is that they can be enjoyed by the entire league (ok, maybe except for the owner who actually receives it).  There is nothing funnier than watching the last-placed team accept a loser fantasy football trophy in front of the entire league.  The funnier the trophy, the better.

And in much the same way that a championship trophy promotes healthy competition, a loser trophy helps to motivate the bottom-tier teams in your league to avoid the shame that comes with earning that dishonor.  And let's face it, that shame is usually well-deserved.

Here is a quick summary of the funniest fantasy football trophies that I'll be reviewing in detail below.  If you want to save some time you can click on these links to check the current prices on Amazon.



Undisputed Belts Review Logo

The name pretty much says it all.  Undisputed Belts is indeed the unquestioned industry leader in the championship belt market.  Whether you're looking for a championship belt for your fantasy football league, your fantasy baseball league, or even a special belt for your dad on Father's day, they've got you covered.

Although they make some of the most incredible and affordable championship belts on the market, their product line doesn't end there.  They also sell trophies, rings, and other accessories to round out an impressive collection of fantasy sports and award merchandise.

In this article, I'll review Undisputed Belts based on several factors to help you determine if they're the right fantasy merchant for you and your league.  For quick reference, I have summarized their grades based on these factors and included their overall rating below.  

Click their logo below to quickly check the prices on their incredible belts for yourself. 


Undisputed Belts Logo
Product Scope & Quality 4.5 Star Rating for Product Quality & Scope Rating
Customization Options 5 Star Rating for Customization Options
Freebies, Discounts, & Giveaways 5 Star Rating for Freebies, Discounts, & Giveaways
Web Design & Usability 3.5 Star Rating for Web Design & Usability
Price and Value 4.5 Star Rating for Overall Price
Overall Rating 4.5 Star Rating for Freebies, Discounts, Giveaways (4.5 Stars)


Best Fantasy Football Trophies

Every fantasy football league worth playing in rewards its best teams with some sort of tangible prizes.  Although there are more fantasy prize options than ever before, the fantasy football trophy is still a staple in most leagues.

Compared to some of the more unconventional fantasy prizes out there (think fantasy championship belts), trophies are generally much cheaper.  Even for fantasy leagues on a tight budget, the best fantasy football trophies on the market are still within reach if you spread the cost among the owners (and across multiple years, as we'll see).  

Here is a quick summary of the top trophies for the upcoming season (each trophy is reviewed in detail below).  I'll cover both premium trophies, creative trophies, and cheap trophies for leagues looking to save a few bucks.  You can quickly click on any of these links to check their current prices on Amazon.



Fantasy Football Championship Belts

It's true. If you've been a fantasy football enthusiast for any length of time, you're probably a bit tired of the same old fantasy trophy being passed around from year to year.  Luckily, there are superior prize options available to give your league some swagger.  One of those is the fantasy football championship belt.

Championship belts are the latest rage in the fantasy world and several companies are making belts that are stylish, obscenely gaudy, and high quality.  Sure, it might seem like a ridiculous prize to the prudes of the fantasy football world.  But the game we play is also a bit ridiculous, so they actually make a nice pairing.  

So who sells the flashiest championship belts and what makes those belts superior to the lesser knock-offs you'll find on the Internet?  That's what I'll cover in this review of the best fantasy football championship belts on the market.

I researched the most popular fantasy belts and the top 5 belts that would make a great addition to any fantasy football league.  Here is a summary of the belts I'll be covering in this review.  If you want to quickly check the prices on these belts just click on the links.


Best Fantasy Football Championship Ring Banner

Fantasy football championship rings are a great choice for league prizes because they're like a wearable trophy that goes everywhere you go.  Sure, some might be big & gaudy, but that never stopped NFL players from flashing their Superbowl bling!  Why should you be any different?

Fantasy football rings used to be cost prohibitive, but as their popularity has grown the prices have come down to a very reasonable level.  Now there are multiple companies offering quality rings that even leagues on a budget can easily afford.

But not all fantasy championship rings are created equal.   As I'll prove in this review, there are definitely some quality, affordable rings on the market. The product you can get for the money will blow your socks off.

But there are also many cheap, inferior rings being sold.  The last thing you want is to invest in a ring that will turn your champion's finger green!  

I researched the most popular fantasy rings and vendors on the market then compiled the best fantasy football championship rings for 2017.  The top 5 rings are summarized here and are reviewed in detail below.  You can click on any of these links to quickly check the current price on Amazon.



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